About Us

My interest in aftermarket automotive products began late in high school with my 82 GMC pickup. Learning how to fix the rack lights was my first project. Over the next few years, I purchased a 97 Silverado where I truly learned about wiring building all sorts of circuits, building a complete sound system from the ground up adding pieces over the months. By 2006, I purchased my first corvette and spent 3 months building the sound system using lessons learned from my Silverado. At that point I dedicated myself to learning how to build products that were not available and with the first halo modification I realized there was more to modifying cars than just my own personal enjoyment, I knew that I could share this with the world. Since that time, I have made it my personal mission to introduce amazing products that perform on a level far beyond the industry standard. The products at Radioflyer Innovations are the result of a creative approach to improving and personalizing the individual’s vehicle to match their style.