White DRL Switchback harness for C5 corvette
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We are proud to offer the first ever plug-and-play harness that converts switchback LED bulbs to a WHITE DRL function. The harness uses a solid-state delay-off circuit to power the turn signals, then reverts back to White function. Parking light function is exactly the same as during the day. 

Bulb functions:

DRL: White

Turn signal/Hazard: Amber/Off/Amber/Off

Parking light: White



Harnesses are sold by pair (one per side)



Add a set of our new Generation 6 Switchback bulbs at a discount off the normal price. (select the option checkbox)

Add a Hyperflash Bypass harness at a discount to maintain factory flash rate when using LED bulbs in the turn signal position.  


Click here for video of bulb function using our Cree Switchback bulbs


Build-time/Shipping information:

Build time: 3-5 Business days if in stock.



Est Installation Time: 1 hour

Installation Difficulty: 2/5

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White DRL Switchback harness for C5 corvette

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