Stealth Light Cannon V3 Shroud/Lens upgrade

For those of you with SLC V2 headlights, you can now upgrade your shrouds and lenses to the SLC V3 style. The SLC V3 headlights have a re-designed shroud and lens made of a new material and are compatible with the SLC V2 headlights.


The Shroud features a more high-tech looking design similar to the C6 style headlights.


The new lenses are made from Impact Modified Acrylic that is inherently UV stable, VERY strong and more scratch resistant than the V2 lenses.


The upgrade kit will contain the following:

- matching set of SLC V3 Shroud

- matching set of SLC V3 Lenses

- All SLC V3 weatherstrip


to Sand, Prime and Paint.

Shrouds come as raw ABS material and are ready to sand, prime and paint. (Shrouds can be installed without paint, but paint is highly suggested for a finished look) 


Build-time/Shipping information:


Estimated delivery may take up to 45 days from time of order.


Est Installation Time: 1 hour

Installation Difficulty: 3/5

  • Item #: 049

Stealth Light Cannon V3 Shroud/Lens upgrade

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