Stealth Light Cannon V3 Headlights
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Shrouds come as raw ABS material and are ready to sand, prime and paint. (Shrouds can be installed without paint, but paint is highly suggested for a finished look)


Build-time/Shipping information:

Estimated delivery may take up to 45 days from time of order.

NEW OPTION: "B-stock" Lenses are now available at a discounted price. These lenses have minor optical imperfections only visibile when VERY close to the lens. These imperfections do NOT affect performance in any way and are an excellent option if you are considering painting an "eyebrow" on your lenses. The rest of your kit will be completely normal.

To get your kit with the discounted lenses use the coupon code: "DiscLensSLC" At checkout to get $150 off your order. These lenses are available in a limited quantity and may or may not be available in future productions runs



These are the Apex of performance headlights for the C5 Corvette. For those seeking fixed headlights without Frog eyes bulge look no further.

Radioflyer's Stealth Light Cannons (Version 3) are the most unique headlights ever designed for the C5 corvette.

The All new SLC V3 design features the same great performance from the V2 kit with the following new components

- Newly developed shroud design.
- Computer designed CNC-cut shroud mold for significantly improved lines and smoother curves
- New options not previously available
- New Impact-Modified Acrylic lens material Inherently UV stable and offers increased resistance to chemicals and scratches


Kit Includes:
- (4) Morimoto Mini Bi-xenon projectors. (inner "high beam" projector has no cutoff in base kit)
- Reinforced Aluminum mounting Frames
- Stainless Hardware
- Thermoformed ABS Shrouds
- Impact modified acrylic Main lens
- 55w slim HID kit with Ballasts and Bulbs
- 50w Cree LED high beam NOW INCLUDED!!
- Hi-4 relay circuit
- Detailed installation instructions via install guide page.


Q: What makes SLC V3 special?

 A: The SLC V3 uses Bi-xenon projector optics mounted on reinforced aluminum mounting frames, with thermoformed ABS shrouds and Impact-resistant plastic lenses. In addition, every light cannon kit comes with a Hi-4 harness that allows your Low beams to remain on with your high beams (a feature that until recently required an in depth knowledge of vehicle electronics) I have personally tried or seen every commercially available kit for the C5 corvette and feel the SLC V3s are by far the best performing product bar none.

Unique High beam design:

The SLC V3 has a High beam design unique to all corvettes. In most headlight designs, the outer light is the low beam and the inner light is the high beam. With Bi-xenon technology, a single projector can act as both high and low beams. When high beams are activated, a solenoid moves thee cutoff shield out of the way significantly expanding the output pattern without lighting a second bulb. The result is instant high beam with a much wider field of view than any halogen based reflector could accomplish. In the base kit, the inner projector serves as a secondary high beam with an H1 halogen bulb (mostly for signaling purposes)


Compare brightness to OEM headlight low beam bulb (1000 lumens)
Bulb color options:
4300K – Halogen yellow (3200 lumens) for OEM look
5000K – Pure White (3000lumens) recommended for more useable light
6000K – White with blue tint (2900 lumens) most popular
8000K – Iceburg Blue (2600 lumens) for show

Cosmetic Options:

Angel eyes- (+$170) installs high power LED Halo Rings on each projector. Taps into your parking lights so you can cruise around in style. (Can also be wired to a user-added switch in the cabin)


Demon eyes - (+$25) a variation of Angel eyes that blocks out the top/inner 1/3 of the ring to leave an "angry eye" look.



The installation of these lights uses mostly OEM hardware and mounting points. The aluminum frame bolts to the front of the wheel well AND to the frame rail making this the most stable and rigid setup available. No, drilling or grinding is required for installation.


The Shroud and lens are seperate pieces from the rest of the headlight. This not only allows for ease of adjustment and alignment to body panels but also allows the shrouds to be easily painted to match the car's body color.




Q: What makes SLC V3 superior to other options?


Pop up headlights:

 - OEM: Your OEM headlights have a horrible pattern and the bulb only produces 1000 lumens. It’s almost dangerous to drive on an unlit or poorly lit road

 - Aftermarket halogen bulbs: These draw more wattage and will often fail faster than OEM bulbs. In addition most “blue tinted” bulbs produce less usable light since the tinting eats up the light output

 - HID plug and play kits: The output of the HID bulbs are limited to the poor reflector and lens of the OEM light. There’s often a horrible glare and the output has hotspots that hamper your night vision.
 - T84 Euro spec headlights: This kit requires 120 watts of power to get the same amount of output as the light cannon kit and the T84s are not HID friendly housings.

 - ACA: While the low beams are decent, but many have reported the high beams section of the housing is not correctly aligned with the low beams resulting in a high beam that shoots into the sky instead of down the road. Lets also not forget that the pop ups of any

 - Light Cannons: while these are the best performing Pop up headlights, The 60mm projector features a Clear and larger focusing lens for a wider, sharper and more intense pattern. In addition ALL pop up headlights produce a significant effect on aerodynamics and according to one corvette magazine article, are the equivalent of dragging a 50 pound weight behind your car
Weight Savings: The SLC V3 base kit weighs just over 11 lbs (shipping weight) compared to the 25 lbs of the factory system. That's a 56% reduction in weight! 

Fixed headlights:
- DEPO: These lights have by far the largest “frog eyes” of any of the fixed headlights and are almost as bad of a aerodynamic drag issues as pop ups….except they don’t retract. The Depo lights are also prone to micro-fracturing due to the poor quality plastic used in the main lens.

- Specter Werkes: Slightly more aerodynamic than the Depos, they still have the frog eyes. The mounting platform produces a notable vibration in the headlights. The lens mounting design uses exposed screws that some may find aesthetically questionable


- Breathless: While the lens and mounting system are a good design, the parabolic reflector low beam has relatively low output and pattern…even with the Catz voltage booster.



Build-time/Shipping information:

Estimated delivery may take up to 45 days from time of order.



Est Installation Time: 4-5 hours

Installation Difficulty: 5/5



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Stealth Light Cannon V3 Headlights

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