RED Cree High Power 3157 Bulb (set of 4)
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Finally an LED bulb that is brighter than the factory bulbs!


This 3157-base bulb uses 6 Cree 5-watt LEDs in a Radial mounted pattern with two in the top for maximum output in reflector style housings. They significantly out-perform factory bulbs in brightness, lifespan and appearance.


These bulbs as sold as a set of 4.


Bulbs WILL cause hyper flash of turn signals (bulb-out indicator)  

C5 corvette owners can purchase the Hyperflash Harness to solve this problem:

C6 corvette (and other computer-controlled flasher vehicles) can solve the hyperflash problem by purchasing the load-resistor option. This installs in parallel with the turn signal circuit using included quick-splices which will simulate the correct load for the vehicle's computer.


Build-time/Shipping information:

Stocked item. Ships in 1-2 Business days



Est Installation Time: 30 minutes (varies by vehicle)

Installation Difficulty: 2/5

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RED Cree High Power 3157 Bulb (set of 4)

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