Night Flyer Package for C6 Corvette
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New from Radioflyer Innovations: The Night Flyer Package!

Those of you that have been holding out: your wait is over. This is your chance to get the all-New "Night Flyer" Package from Radioflyer Innovations. This package is a complete external light conversion kit that will transform your car into a 21st century road warrior in the night.


The kit includes:

 - Morimoto XB 5500K HID bulbs for the low beam. This is a direct bulb replacement and is 10% brighter than a factory new bulb (even more bright than an older bulb) and a more pleasant pure white color.            

 - HID fog kit: Convert you halogen fog lights into something useful with a simple plug-and-play 55w HID kit that runs off the factory harness. (5000K is default. Other colors available on request)

 - Cree 6-chip Amber LED turn signal/DRL bulbs w/ PNP resistor pack. No splicing required. Simply install the PNP harness under the headlight. (Upgradeable to Switchback bulbs and White DRL harness)

 - 194 Cree 1-chip front and rear markers: Simple and effective red LED Marker bulb for your rear side markers.                                                                           

 - Cree 6-chip Red LED brake light bulbs: Brilliant, powerful and pure color will ensure you are visible at even the longest distances. PNP resistor pack maintains factory flash rate without splicing wires.

 - 80w Cree Reverse light LED bulbs: The Brightest plug-and play LED reverse lights on the market. Nearly 2000 lumens of light to help you see down dark driveways.

 - LED tag lights: Cree 2-chip LED bulbs direct plug-and-play replacements for your factory license plate light bulbs. 

 - White Cree LED bulbs for Cargo, Foot well and Map lights.

 - Cree Underhood light (later model C6 cars will not need this) 


Build-time/Shipping information:


Build time 1-2 weeks

Upgrades and additional options may be purchased by request.  


Est Installation Time: 4-5 hours

Installation Difficulty: 5/5

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Night Flyer Package for C6 Corvette

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