LED Tail Light Modifications
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IMPORTANT NOTE: These modifications are ONLY offered on the LED halo style tail lights. This WILL NOT work on OEM tail lights.


Normally, the Halo LED tail lights have a dimly lit center section for the parking lights. This modification turns off the center section for the parking lights leaving Halo ring ONLY for tail lights. The center section lights up full power with brake/turn/hazard. Not only does this give a unique look, but is MUCH more noticeable at night increasing the visibility and safety of your vehicle.



Red-lens European tail light modification:

For those of you that like the euro-look of the Amber turn signal, but don’t want an amber insert, I’ve come up with a solution: The US-Euro Halo modification allows an amber turn signal on a traditional red lens. No lens modification is required which significantly reduces cost in addition to retaining a much more flowing appearance.

 *note for Euro Red Lens conversion: conversion harness needed for domestic cars*


How does it work?

Until recently, Red, Amber/orange were the only LED colors available in the lower part of the visual spectrum, but new LED technology has provided Yellow LEDs. With a wavelength of between 585 and 595Nm, these LEDs emit a brilliant yellow which turns to amber when it passes though a red filter lens plainly visible in direct sunlight.

Euro Style with red turn signal:

This is the same as the red-lens euro modifiation but with a red turn signal instead of Amber.  This gives a unique euro-american look and installs the same way as the Red-lens european model. This is for North American cars only and is not complient with E-code standards.



Build-time/Shipping information:


- Halo mod: Next business day

- Euro conversion: 2-4 Business days

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LED Tail Light Modifications

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