Hi-4 Harness
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We’ve been including the Hi-4 Relay harness with all of my Light cannon and Stealth light cannon headlight kits. Now you have the opportunity to own one the simplest, and least expensive ways of increasing your headlight output.

The Radioflyer
Hi-4 Harness is a Simple relay circuit that allows your low beams to remain on with your high beams. On dark roads, this more than doubles your light output without having to install expensive and often inferior aftermarket bulbs.

The Radioflyer
Hi-4 harness installs in the under-hood fuse panel area. All you need to install them is a 10mm and ½” socket wrench. (a 3” extension is recommended) Installation takes less than 5 minutes and is completely reversible with no permanent modifications. The relay setup uses both a main fuse and your existing headlight fuses for double protection.

The Radioflyer
Hi-4 harness is compatible with all current C5 headlight setups including most HID setups. (EXCEPT the Euro T84 headlights as these use a single bulb setup)

This modification is designed specifically for rural highway driving or poorly-lit road use. Remember that your high beams may cause glare to oncoming traffic so be mindful of other drivers.


For Installation instructions Click photo of the harness above.

NOTE: All harnesses Shipped after Sept 8 2016 will have a single-output wire that will tap the engine-side of Fuse #10. Function is the same but is more reliable.




Build-time/Shipping information:

Stocked item. Ships in 1-2 Business days.



Est Installation Time: <10 minutes

Installation Difficulty: 1/5

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Hi-4 Harness

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