Hella Micro DE Fog light Kit w/ HID
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For those of you who want the benefit of projector headlights but just can’t justify the cost, there’s another option. The HID equipped Hella Micro DEs make the perfect complement to your headlights as a Fog light or axillary driving light. Hella’s Micro DE fog lights are a robust and comparatively durable option for your aging pitted, shipped or cracked OEM fog lights and a great option if your car didn't have fog lights from the factory. 


The body and the reflector of the Micro DE series are manufactured from high-quality magnesium, a material which is now used wherever products are subject to great stress (e.g. in aviation, space travel or Formula 1Racing). This compared to much of the OEM fog lights which are made from plastic or composite polymers which can break under stress.  


Hella’s Micro DE fog lights utilize the same style projector optics as the OEM fog lights with a significantly stronger glass when compared to OEM. For over 2 years, I ran the Hella DE fog lights on my daily driver with the lenses completely exposed and never had damage to the lenses.


Package description:

Base package: If your car was not equipped with fog lights from the factory do not choose any of the other options.

Package 2: If your car did come with fog lights, and you're replacing them with hella housings and upgrading to an HID light source, choose this package.

Package 3: If your car did come with fog lights and you already have and HID light source, choose this package. The Hella modules will have the correct HID bulbs installed, but you can use your existing ballasts to power them.


Build-time/Shipping information:

Non-stocked item. Ships: in 1-2 weeks.



Est Installation Time: 1-2 hours depending on kit

Installation Difficulty: 2/5

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Hella Micro DE Fog light Kit w/ HID

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