HID/LED Low/High Headlight upgrade for C6 Corvette
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The C6 headlights from the factory use a 35w D1S HID bulb for the low beam and an H9 halogen bulb for the high beam. While the combination is by far the best headlights GM has put on a corvette by the time of their production, There is still room for improvement and especially when the HID bulbs begin to wear out. HID bulbs have a lifespan of about 2000 hours and C6 cars with higher night driving time will already have dim headlights.




Radioflyer Innovations is proud to introduce our C6 Headlight upgrade package. This package upgrades the Low beam to a 55w D2S bulb (4500, 5500 and 6500K colors are available) and the High beam is upgraded to a Cree XHP-70 bulb with over 6000. The result is a substantial increase in output particularly on rural roads and a decrease in eye fatigue for night driving.




The LED bulb also changes the pattern of the high beams from a near-spot pattern to a floodlight pattern with central hot-spot which is substantially more suitable for rural driving. Unlike HID, LED high beams turn on and off instantly with no warm up time allowing them to be safely used for "flash-to-pass" function.




The Kit includes:


  • (2) D2S HID bulbs
  • (2) D2S/AMP adapters
  • (2) Fast-Bright 55w HID ballasts
  • (2) Mounting plates
  • (2) D1S-HID ballast adapter harnesses
  • (2) Cree XHP-70 LED H9 bulbs
  • (2) High beam seals




Installation is completely plug and play, however does require removal of the front wheels. Est installation time is about 2 hours.




A single OEM replacement HID bulb can run over $100. 



Non-Stocked item

Ships in 1-2 weeks 



Est Installation Time: 30-45 minutes

Installation Difficulty: 2/5


As a special offer with this purchase, you can add upgrade your turn signals to LED as well for a discount. The installation will take less than a minute since installation of the headlight components already gives you access to the area.



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HID/LED Low/High Headlight upgrade for C6 Corvette

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