Generation 6 LED switchback Bulbs
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The All-new Generation 6 switchback bulbs feature 28 super bright Bi-color LEDs to make the brightest plug-and-play switchback bulb yet available. Compared to the Gen 5, the Amber element is substantially brighter while the white element is slightly brighter. These new bulbs feature an integrated alumnum structure to help regulate temperature

These bulbs WILL fit in the C5 factory housing with no modifications. The bulbs will also work on any vehicle with the 3157 style bulb including the C6 corvette.


This bulb will cause hyperflash. A Hyperflash Bypass harness is available for the C5 corvette. Other vehicles may require load resistors (if flashing is BCM controlled) or an LED flasher (if controlled by traditional flasher)


Bulbs sold as a Pair


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Stocked Item. Ships in 1-2 Business days.



Est Installation Time: 1 hour

Installation Difficulty: 2/5

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Generation 6 LED switchback Bulbs

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