Cree 3157 80w LED Reverse light
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Finally C6 corvette owners have a Plug and Play LED option with light output that's on Par with the factory bulbs. Other LED setups have significantly less output than the factory bulbs. These bulbs feature specifically designed radial LED technology to make the best use of the reflector optics by mimicking the central light source of the OEM bulb (for which the reflector was designed) The result is the modern look of pure white light, a longer life LED bulb, less heat generated and lower current draw.


Bulbs are sold by the pair.  



Build-time/Shipping information:

Stocked item Ships: in 1-2 Business dayss


Est Installation Time: < 10 minutes (most vehicles)

Installation Difficulty: 1/5

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Cree 3157 80w LED Reverse light

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