C6 Corvette Cree LED Exterior Conversion Kit
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For those seeking a quick and painless way to modernize the look of their C6 corvette at night, This complete LED conversion is the answer. All bulbs use Cree XP-E LED technology for a very bright pure color that will outlast the life of the car. The bulb out indicator (aka hyperflash) can be countered using the supplied resistors.

 This is the first Plug-and-Play high-power LED solution for All the Exterior lights on the C6 corvette using Cree XP-E LED technology. These LEDs are the latest and brightest in the industry used in everything from tactical flashlights to emergency vehicle warning lights.

Kit includes:


(2) Cree 6-LED 3157 Amber turn signal/DRL bulbs

(2) Cree Amber LED front marker bulbs

(2) Cree Red LED rear market bulbs

(4) Cree 6-LED 3157 Red Tail light bulbs

(2) Cree LED tag light bulbs

(2) Cree 16-LED 3157 Reverse light bulbs

(6) Load resistors and taps for turn signals (you may choose to delete all load resistors if you prefer hyperflash, or just delete the front load resistors if you plan on using one of our custom DRL harnsses) 

Don't waste your money on cheap LED bulbs that are dim or that use white LEDs behind colored reflectors. Get the proper part and bring your C6 into the modern age with Radioflyer's Cree LED package.

Build-time/Shipping information:

Stocked item. Ships in 1-2 business days.


Est Installation Time: 1-2 hours

Installation Difficulty: 2/5

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C6 Corvette Cree LED Exterior Conversion Kit

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