C5 corvette LED Halo Tail Lights
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The LED "halo" tail lights are the most popular LED conversion tail light setup for the C5 corvette. They feature 28 LEDs in individual light channels for superior output compared to other lower quality LED setups. An additional 4 LEDs light up the characteristic "halo" ring around the edges of the tail light for a unique look.



These lights come with an embedded resistor to prevent hyperflash. Installation is plug and play using your factory mounting screws and tail light bulb socket.

The lights offer the added safety of being significantly brighter than factory and as well as a unique modernized appearance.


Want/need the Euro-style Amber turn signal? No problem, our Red Lens Euro modification replaces the lower row of LEDs with Amber LEDs on a separate circuit for turn signal function. (When ordering please note what type of existing turn signal bulb you have in the tail lights as some early euro cars use the 1156 base bulb)


Price is for a complete set of 4 lights.

Build-time/Shipping information:

Non-stocked item. Ships in 1-2 weeks.


Est Installation Time: < 10 minutes

Installation Difficulty: 1/5

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C5 corvette LED Halo Tail Lights

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