C5 Dedicated LED DRL system
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The C5 corvette's Daytime running lights are dated. Bring them into the 21st century with these high-powered Morimoto X.DRL.1 LED dedicated DRLs. These lights replace the factory fog lights which are pretty pointless. These new DRLs are incredibly bright and will provide an added level of safety and visibility for your low-profile corvette.

The system comes with Radioflyer's Plug-and-play White DRL harness and Cree LED turn signal bulbs. Function is completely automatic. When the turn signal is activated, the DRL on the signal side will shut off until the turn signal is deactivated. (see demo video below)  


Also included with the kit is our hyperflash harness to maintain the factory turn signal flash rate. If you already have this installed, you can remove it from the package.

If your car did not come with factory fog lights, no problem. You can purchase our fog light brackets with stainless steel hardware for an easy bolt-on installation.

Build-time/Shipping information:

Non-Stocked item: Ships in 5-7 Business Days

Est Installation Time: 1 hour

Installation Difficulty:  3/5

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C5 Dedicated LED DRL system

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