Bi-xenon Radioflyer ACA Projector Headlights
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The Bi-xenon Radioflyer ACA Projector Headlight is the most powerful headlight system for the 97-04 corvette that retains the factory flip-up look. These take the already popular ACA headlights and modify them with a tuned and aligned Bi-xenon main beam projector.


The "bi-xenon" means that the projector is capable of producing both high and low beam patterns by using a very small 12v current to move the cutoff shield. This allows for instantaneous high beams with a wider pattern and virtually no additional current draw over the normal setup.

The ACA design lights was plagued with an alignment issue where the high beam did not line up correctly with the low beam. Since the housing is a single solid unit, the high and low cold not be independently adjusted. Therefore a car with correctly aimed low beams would find the high beams useless. The projector modification I offer can correct for this by angling the projector to match where the high beam will hit.

The Kit we offer comes with a 55w HID kit. This is the same type of kit used on the now legendary Light cannon and stealth light cannon headlights. With nearly 3 times the luminosity of the factory halogen bulbs, and with a projector housing specifically designed for this bulb, the result is the ability to see further in the dark resulting increased safety and reduced fatigue.


The kit includes:

(2) ACA headlamp housings Modified with Bi-xenon projectors

(1) Hi-4 harness

(2) HID kits (bulbs, ballasts and mounting hardware)


This kit installs un under an hour with common hand tools. No cutting, drilling grinding splicing or other permanent modifications are required. Aiming is accomplished by using the factory adjusters.


Build-time/Shipping information:

Non-stocked item. Ships in 1-2 weeks.


Est Installation Time: 2-3 hours

Installation Difficulty: 3/5


Here's what the prototype customer had to say:


"These things are AMAZING!!!! Even my fiance could notice right away how much better they are than the HIDs in factory housings (and yes I discovered the original owner had already upgraded to HID bulbs) Way more light output on both low and high beam, and the beam pattern has to be one of the best I've ever seen. I've used euro code lights on several other cars, and these have a beam patter that is at least as good as the best euro lens I've ever seen, and the bi-xenon bulbs put out so much light there is just no comparison."


- "Evan70" (corvette forum)  



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Bi-xenon Radioflyer ACA Projector Headlights

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