BCS series LED Light Bar
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 The BCS Series LED light bars use 10w CREE LEDs to produce phenomenal light output for their size and power consumption. Each housing uses a combination of 8 degree spot-pattern reflectors and 90 degree flood-pattern reflectors to achieve a practical output pattern to illuminate the darkest nights. The housing is made of powder-coated Aluminum for strength and efficient heat dissipation.
The following is details for each size bar:

BCS 1060
Size: 13.5"
Wattage: 60
Output: 5400 Lumens

BCS 1100: 
Size: 21.5"
Wattage: 100
Output: 9000 Lumens

BCS 1140
Size: 31.5
Wattage: 140
Output: 12,600 Lumens

Size: 41.5"
Wattage: 200
Output: 18,000 Lumens

Size: 50"
Wattage: 240
Output: 21.600 Lumens



Build-time/Shipping information:

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Est Installation Time: Varies by mounting location

Installation Difficulty: Varies by mounting location

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BCS series LED Light Bar

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