"Luminator" Low-rise Headlights for C5 (Pre-Sale)
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For years C5 owners have been wanting a low-rise headlight kit and Radioflyer Innovations has answered the call. We are proud to introduce the world's first HID/LED powered Low-rise projector system for the C5.

The kit uses Hella's 60mm sealed high and low beam modular projectors. The Low beam is powered by a 55w HID bulb and the High beam by a 6000 lumen Cree LED XHP-70 LED bulb. (Optional downgrade to Halogen at a discounted price) Low beam output is on-par with our other headlight kits, but the high beam output is phenominally bright.

Hardware consists of a lightweight reinforced aluminum frame and custom lifting arm assembly. All hardware is 18-8 stainless steel. The system is completely plug-and-play/bolt on using factory connectors.

The Shrouds are textured ABS like the factory and install using the same mounting screws except for the outboard mounting hole which will used the supplied longer mounting screw.

These lights are currently being produced in "batches" at this time. Production time is roughtly 30 days from time of order, but may be less depending on parts that are in stock.


Build-time/Shipping information:

Non-stocked item

Est build time: ~ 30 days from time of order


Est Installation time: 2-3 hours

Installation Difficulty: 4/5



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"Luminator" Low-rise Headlights for C5 (Pre-Sale)

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